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I (Not So) Secretly Love Macy's

I (Not So) Secretly Love Macy's

So, here’s the deal: I love Macy’s. I know that each Macy’s location around the country differs in size, brands carried, and services offered, but…the flagship Macy’s in NYC Is. The. Best. First of all, they have a Louis Vuitton. Second of all, they have a Gucci. Thirdly, they have a Louis Vuitton. And lastly, the restaurant is actively delicious. Like, one of my favorites in New York. I’m so not kidding.

In the spirit of sharing the love, below is everything I’m loving at Macy’s at the moment (Gucci loafers not included).

Ralph Lauren Camo Chinos

I’m not a camo person, but I AM a blue camo person. I’d wear these with a white button down and a solid blue tie and I’d steal your boyfriend. (How’s that for confidence?).

Ralph Lauren Chinos.jpg

Club Room Colorblocked Shirt

I can’t get enough “crazy shirts.” Probably because I’m crazy? I think the secret with shirts like this is to treat them as though they’re perfectly normal. Like, “yeah my shirt’s made out of 12 other shirts, and what?”

Fun Shirt.jpg

Club Room Striped-Sleeve Oxford Shirt

Hello, sleeve! Hello, fashion! Hello, Thom Browne! But like, this shirt is less than the tax on a Thom Browne shirt. And it comes up to 3XL, so…hello, in-my-closet!


Club Room Bulldog Sweater

Like what even is this? CUTE, that’s what.


Lauren Ralph Lauren Peacoat

Well shit. In cruising the Macy's big & tall section looking for stuff to post I saw this peacoat, accidentally added it to my cart, accidentally entered my address and credit card information and accidentally bought it. Now what do I do? Other than WEAR IT ALL WINTER LONG.


Cole Haan Wingtips

Hey! These wingtips are cool - and they come in wide widths.


So, what do you think? Do you love Macy’s as much as I do? BTW - this is NOT sponsored. Wish it was! Macy’s, are you listening???

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