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Weekly Wants: September 30th

Weekly Wants: September 30th

Man do I love shopping. I love thinking about it, doing it, piling my loot up at home and admiring it (I have a chair at home that is designated as my “stuff” chair, where I leave new stuff with tags on for ages…and ages…and ages).

ANYwho. Here’s what I’m into lately:

Cle de Peau.jpg

Cle de Peau Radiant Corrector for Eyes

I’ve been annoyed by the dark circles under my eyes for 38 years (and I’m only 36!). My friend Arielle was sick of hearing me bitch about it, so she gave me this concealer. Sorry, I mean “corrector.” She guessed my shade, and she nailed it. This blends in perfectly (shocking considering my extremely inexpert skills at application), lasts all day, and doesn’t feel like anything. It says that this is a mix of skincare and makeup, so maybe I eventually won’t need it at all?


Polo Stadium Hat

Things I hate: sports. Things I love: clothes you’d wear to a sporting event. Exhibit A: this Polo hat.


Uniqlo Cashmere “Big Stole”

I said myself the other day, “Self! You know what you should buy? A thin, grey cashmere scarf!” and then I saw this at Uniqlo. Well, that was easy.


Dyson Pure Cool Link Air Purifier

I live on a busy street in a busy city. When I clean the window sills there’s always black dust on them. One day I realized that my lungs probably had the same black dust on them. Enter the Dyson. Yes, it’s expensive but it’s totally worth it. It looks sleek, works great, and doubles as a fan. Plus you can control it via a phone app, so I like to turn it on and off while my husband is home alone to freak him out.

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 2.55.04 PM.png

Prada Zip Around Key Holder

I’ve had the same Louis Vuitton key holder since, no joke, 2003. It has served me well, but after 15 years I’m ready for a change. This Prada one just might be a contender.

Koh Gen Do.jpg

Koh Gen Do Spa Cleansing Water Cloths

Ok, so these are a little pricier than the Muji cleansing cloths I use when I get home after work (like 30 times more expensive), but that’s never stopped me before. These clothes from Koh Gen Do have gotten rave reviews. J’intrigued.

I'm Huge Down Under

I'm Huge Down Under

I (Not So) Secretly Love Macy's

I (Not So) Secretly Love Macy's