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Weekly Wants: 4.28.19

Weekly Wants: 4.28.19

It’s starting to get warmer, and that means I’m starting to embrace my inner Palm Springs (or Palm Beach, take your pick) gay. What does that mean? Printed pants, juicy colors, a gin & tonic (or three). With that in mind, here’s what I’m after this week:

Polo Shorts.png

Polo Prepster Short I can’t look directly at these shorts because they’re too cute, it makes me shy. Seersucker AND red/white/blue???? It’s an actual dream. I clicked “add-to-cart” on these yesterday, and have a timer set on my phone for their anticipated delivery.

Polo Mug.png

Polo Sweater Bear Mug - Hello handsome. I look forward to drinking out of you every morning. Well, that sounds nasty but this mug is anything but. I happen to have the same exact outfit - I’m smelling a runway-to-chubway opportunity.


Hermes Un Jardin sur la Lagune - The description of this is everything I thought I DIDN’T like in a fragrance (powdery florals, white musks, woods) but I guess I just don’t know anything about anything because this was love at first sniff. I get a hint of licorice from it, but maybe don’t listen to me since I apparently don’t know what I’m talking about.

Prada Wallet.jpg

Prada Wallet - This wallet is so juicy and delicious. Honestly just opening the box to peek at it makes me so happy. I also found it for $30 cheaper at Net-a-Porter but it looks like it’s sold out. Either way, it’s perfect for the smaller bags I usually carry in the summer.

Polo polo.png

Ralph Lauren Star Polo - You’ll be a STAR in this polo this summer. #dadjoke but srsly, I love this so much. It combines my favorite color (red/white/blue) with a classic silhouette and a just a hint of fun. The stars almost read like polka dots - very subtle, very moi. Plus, it’s available up to 6X!


Bonobos Shorts - I told you I was feeling printed bottoms (and no, there’s no double entendre there, I promise). These shorts from Bonobos are fun, but because the base is navy I think they’re actually very wearable.

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