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Weekly Wants: September 14

Weekly Wants: September 14

There has been so much good stuff out in the world lately, and, of course, I want it all. As such, my latest Weekly Wants features both items and I want and items I want so badly I clicked “Add-to-Cart” and selected 2 day shipping.

So, without further ado, meet my new banana hanger.


Now, I probably don’t need a $115 banana hanger but I don’t need 65 purses either, and that never stopped me. What can I say about this? It’s slim, it looks good on my counter, and my bananas no longer have bruised butts. I’m happy.

In other overpriced home goods news, I also bought these wooden placemats.


Now, maybe I’m just a toddler-style eater, but I find fabric placemats get stained way too easily. These just wipe clean and are simple (I got the navy color). Plus, if you haven’t been to Scully & Scully RUN don’t waddle. It’s straight out of another era (and income bracket). A must-visit in New York!

When I saw this cardigan, I gay gasped.


It’s like someone rode a Q-Tip through my ear canal into my brain and designed the cardigan of my dreams. It’s available up to 3XL and I love it more than I love, I don’t know, almost anything or anyone.

While I was cruising the Macy’s site I also came across these desert boots that made me, well, gay gasp again. The price is super reasonable, and I don’t own desert boots (I know, right?) so I’m excited to werk these into my looks this fall.


It was tough to decide between the Aubergine and the Camo, but I guess all I can say is that I don’t shy away from TOUGH JOBS.

Finally, it wouldn’t be a weekly want without a candle. This one combines all of my favorite things: high price, high style, and Made in France.


How about you? What are you wanting lately?

[Get my sweatshirt here (I’m wearing 3XL above), and my sneakers here.]

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