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My Favorite Looks from Pitti Uomo June 2018

My Favorite Looks from Pitti Uomo June 2018

Ok, I'm a little late on this one since the Pitti trade show wrapped in early June.  But what can I say? I've been busy; Real Housewives won't watch itself you know.

Once again I've combed through hundreds of photos of hot dudes in hot outfits (listen, no one said that blogging was easy) to pull together a recap of my favorite looks and trends.  You can see my recap of the January show here if you want to relive winter.


When I was in Japan man clutches were everywhere.  Based on these Pitti images, it looks like the man clutch (a mutch?) phenomenon isn't exclusive to Asia.



I've spent 36 years looking for the perfect soft blazer (yes, I started the search the very day I was born).  When I found this one at Target I bought it in navy (twice), olive, khaki, and brown tweed.   I know what I like and I'm a "more is more" person, so shoot me.  It seems like the dudes below agree about the power of the perfect unstructured blazer.



Listen, I've never met an accessory I didn't like, and these fellas are no different.  A neckerchief is a great way to jazz up a basic outfit.  Bonus: it doubles as a bib when you're eating soup.



Everyone here knows that BIGGER IS BETTER and the rest world is finally catching up.  Need proof? Check out these looks that actually have enough room for you to, you know, breathe.  CANNOT wait to get a pair of khakis and hack into them.



If you can't make the world a brighter place with your personality, you can at least do it via your outfits.

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