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10 Questions With: Actor & Entrepreneur Daniel Franzese

10 Questions With: Actor & Entrepreneur Daniel Franzese

To a lot of people, actor and entrepreneur Daniel Franzese is best known for his roles in Mean Girls ("She doesn't even go here!"), HBO's Looking, and countless other film and TV credits.  But to fashion-conscious dudes like me, it's his work in the body positive community and as the Creative Director of the super-cool big & tall clothing subscription company The Winston Box that makes us fan girl.

I sat down with him to ask him my 10 hard-hitting questions about life (and style) as a big guy.  Like this series? Check out my other interviews here.

What is your favorite part of being big and/or tall?

While there are a lot of challenges to being an above-average-sized guy in an average world,  there are some great things about it. I’m least likely to be challenged to fight in a bar and I always feel strong. People feel safe around me and it’s nice to easily reach cereal boxes off the top shelf for old ladies at the supermarket

What is the hardest part of being big and/or tall?

This world is not made for us. Doorways, plane/theater/car seats, even chairs that are wide enough are still not tall enough. Bending our legs in ways that cause knee and back problems. We are living in a small person's world.

If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?

My Winston stretch denim jogger and black Pima cotton scoop shirt. It’s hard to get me to wear anything else now even though I have so many choices.  


What's one fashion item every guy should own?

A well-fitting black T shirt. It’s so versatile. Perfect for the gym or put a blazer over it and you can wear it on the town. 

What are your go-to stores or sites for clothes?

There aren’t that many options for bigger guys but I love shopping vintage. I can find some really incredible pieces and then spend the money on a piece to go with it. I love a good thrift find!

What do you wish retailers would do differently?

I wish there was more consistency in sizing. There should be some kind of regulation. Vanity sizing and just plain fashion sizing is so off nowadays. You can’t call a store and hour away and ask if they have your size. It’s a guessing game and I think it actually does mental damage to a lot of young people.  

What does being "body positive" mean to you?

It means treating yourself well. Apologizing to your body and caring for it. Being proud of who you are at the stage that you are at in your journey and not letting anyone or anything stop you from enjoying your body to its fullest. Be shirtless in the sun, wear something form-fitting just celebrate that any body can be a sexy body. 


What is your biggest style regret?

The way I treated my hair in high school. If I still had that much hair I wouldn’t torture it the way I did.

Who are your style icons?

David Hockney, Marcello Mastroianni, Andre 3000, Winston Churchill, every 80s movie professor, and the Gorton's fisherman.

Who do you nominate to answer these questions next?

Winston model Shawn Jesus Davis


You can find Daniel Franzese @whatsupdanny on Twitter, instagram, Snapchat and Tumblr .

Sign up for your own box at (use code #danfranfans to save $15 on your first Winston Box!). 


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