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Shop the Rainbow

Shop the Rainbow

To say I was taken with Burberry's Rainbow Collection is an understatement.  From the time I saw an unboxing video on YouTube to the time I was swiping my credit card at the Burberry store on 57th Street for some rainbow-emblazoned sneakers was about an hour.  And I just clicked "order" on this cutie and paid for expedited shipping. What can I say?  Patience is not my middle name (it's Michael, btw).

Inspired by the rainbow, I put together a few wantable items from all around the color wheel.

The Burberry sneakers that sparked a love affair.

These won't be everyone's taste, but they're my taste.  At least my taste now.  I'm so happy I got these instead of the Gucci sneakers I tried on recently.  They make me laugh.

Red - Lacoste Lettering Fleece Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt reminds me of an Ivy League male cheerleader.  Like, say George Bush (it's real, look it up).  As a loud person who has been shushed more than once in my life, I like that this sweatshirt is YELLING so I don't have to.

Orange - Hermes Joker Bracelet

The best part of this bracelet is the pop of color it would give to, say, an all navy outfit.  The second best part is that it's a $365 string of leather and Hermes named it "Joker."  Joke's on me for liking it, I guess!

Yellow - Jonathan Adler Acrylic Pill

Umm, rad.  Make your houseguests smile (unless it's your mom, in which case she may be worried.).

Green - LL Bean Katahdin Tote

A logo-laden take on the classic Boat & Tote bag.  Logos are having a serious fashion moment; this is so durable it'll last through the next 3 fashion cycles.

Blue - Goodfellow & Co Mock MAC Jacket

I've yet to meet a navy jacket I don't want, and this is no exception.  I think the hood makes it "fashion."

Indigo - Tatcha Indigo Soothing Triple Recovery Cream

The only thing better than a single recovery is a triple recovery, I suppose.  I've been Tatcha-curious ever since I saw it on QVC (yes, I just outed myself as a QVC viewer).

Violet - Ralph Lauren Classic Fit Mesh Polo Shirt

A summer staple in the perfect F-you hue.  F hue.

And, here's the video that started it all:

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