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How to Wear Hermes Scarves

How to Wear Hermes Scarves

I’m into Hermes scarves. I’ve done a lot of thinking why (I’m obviously not afraid to tackle tough issues), and I’ve landed on two reasons:

  1. I’m gay, and gay folks seem to love expensive frippery - even better if it comes in an orange box

  2. I’m fat, and scarves always fit (I think there is an essay here about why accessories are so popular in the plus size community - for too long they’ve been the only way big folks have been allowed to participate in fashion)

Now that we’ve got the why out of the way, we can begin to address the how. For some reason, scarves trip people up. My own mother (from whom I permanently borrowed an 80s-era Hermes scarf) looked at me with sheer panic at the scarf counter at Hermes once as she half-heartedly wound a silk square around her neck. “Like this?” she asked, timidly. No, not like that. Like this:

The Neck Brace


This is probably my favorite way to wear a scarf. Start by folding it in half and then bringing the sides in so you get a long silky snake (that’s what she said). Then wrap it around, bring the ends to the front, wind them through the scarf, and tie underneath. A homemade turtleneck!

The Dongler


As above, start with the same silky snake. This time just wrap it around your neck and loosely tie around your neck. Voila - you’re chic!

The Ascot


This method is super easy. Fold the scarf in half so it forms a triangle, tie it in back of your neck, and shove the front down your shirt. The more care-free you wear it, the less it looks like a costume.

The Sheriff


For this style, again start with a triangle, but fold it up a little so it’s not so long. Wrap around your neck, and tie in the front over the scarf. Watch out world, there’s a new sheriff in town - and he’s not afraid to arrest you for your crimes against fashion.

The Bib


Are you super stylish or are you just the world’s biggest baby? No one will know! Fold your square in half into a triangle and tie in the back - you’re done.

Those are my favorite ways to wear a scarf. Am I missing any of your go-to knots?

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