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Gifts to Give...Me

Gifts to Give...Me

I've seen a lot of bloggers posting gift guides this season.  What to buy him, her, your best friend, your boss, your coworker.  But you know what? The only thing I like better than giving gifts is...getting gifts. So here's my gift guide: what to buy ME.

LL Bean PJ Set

Cozy and oversized - just like me.  Plus, I've never said no to anything monogrammed.  My New Year's resolution every year is to stop laying around the house in boxers and a t-shirt (what can I say, I dream big) and I think with a set of PJs like these I'm guaranteed success.


Cle de Peau Cotton Pads

These cotton pads are $24.  I'll say it again - these cotton pads are $24.  But you know what? I'm worth it.  You only get one face (at least until you're 60 and visit a plastic surgeon).


Gucci Wallet

Just the right size, and just the right amount of old lady.  I'm in love.


David Yurman Bracelet

"But don't you already have a lot of jewelry you don't wear?" you may ask.  Yes, yes I do.  But I don't have THIS jewelry...yet.


Orvis Cords

THESE CORDS HAVE CANDY CANES ON THEM.  I'll wear the F out of them every day in December, every year, until all eternity, forever and ever Amen.  I'd pair them with an ivory cable knit sweater and look in every single reflective surface I can find.


Bumble & bumble Grooming Creme

I have  a real love/hate relationship with this.  I love the way it works (it's the only thing I've used in my hair for more than 10 years), but I hate paying for it.  It's not that it's too expensive, it's just that it's not know?  It's like buying deodorant.  Necessary -  yes, fun - no.


Metallic Tretorns

Two words: metallic Tretorns.  That's all.


Vintage Land Rover

It's only $110k, so.  I'll also need whoever gets this for me to buy me a parking space in New York (currently a very reasonable $500/month in my 'hood).  I promise to pick you up and take you to Dairy Queen, so it really pays for itself.


Brooks Brothers Sweater

If I was a sweater, I'd be this sweater.  I'd also be $700, apparently.  Ouch.


Vintner's Daughter Serum

I've been wanting to try this serum for about a year.  I haven't wanted to pay $185 for this serum for about a year.  It's now Christmas - problem solved!

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